12 June 2013

Thanks again, Bev

Thanks to Beverly Crawford for allowing me to use her beautiful artwork in my website nameplate AGAIN. Bev was a familiar face at my library writing workshops--one of the west-side gang who often popped up on other sides of town as well.

A great thing about Bev is that her writing is just as fun as her art, and she's generous with both. Check out her full art portfolio at http://indybev.blogspot.com. You'll find a sample of her writing on my YOUR WORDS page.

I change the art in my blog header every few months as the spirits move me. So if you'd like me to consider something you've done, please email me.

1 comment:

  1. Bev directed me to your blog and it has been a great opportunity to enjoy its contents. You are so right about Bev. Her writing is wonderful. Her greatest talent is taking the reader to places unknown and have them actually feel the sensations of "life on the prairie" and other interesting topics. Having said that, Bev's talents as a digital artist are appreciated by all her know her work. She is a legend!! It is so nice to see her beautiful surreal piece in pride of place as the header to this blog.
    Kind regards from Marie (aka Ozstuff).