"I was writing a science fiction book and was blocked. The free-form writing exercises Susan provided kicked me out of it, and I finished my book!"

You might be ready for a writing coach if...
  • You've begun a writing project and you're stuck.
  • You're more than stuck: You are thoroughly blocked in your writing.
  • You'd like to understand more about process and inspiration.
  • You lack connection to a community of writers.

"Susan provides an impetus for her students to look for their potential, go beyond constraints, and find the joy in writing."

As your writing coach, you can expect me to...
  • Listen.
  • Help you set goals.
  • Help you identify a creative process that works for you.
  • Help you excavate and polish your unique writing voice.
  • Provide feedback that is supportive by identifying what you do well and giving detailed and meaningful suggestions for further development.
  • Help with craft issues--like spelling, punctuation, verb agreement and tense, and all those other grammar thingies that make your head spin.
  • Suggest realistic projects and/or assignments consistent with your needs and goals.
  • Steer you toward resources to aid you in your writing journey--books, essays, classes and more.

"Susan facilitates creativity 
while providing structure 
and expertise."

You shouldn't expect me to...
  • Cover your work in red ink or critique it in a merely academic or mean-spirited fashion. (I always use plain, black No. 2 pencils, thank you!)
  • Get you published. (Though I'll be in your corner, rooting you on, fingers crossed!)
  • Be your therapist. Powerful writing often mines past woundings and deeply felt issues, and that process can most definitely be therapeutic. But we will discuss such work as fiction to make sure our focus remains on the writing itself.

  • Initial visioning session - $125
Ninety minutes to talk about your writing past, dreams, fears and blocks, and set some goals. Plus I will read and provide typed comments on 2,500 words of your prose or up to five poems, submitted 1-2 weeks ahead of time.
  • Basic follow-up session - $50
Sixty minutes each, scheduled anytime after you've completed a visioning session and set some goals. If you go this route, we'll work the plan I help you forge in the visioning session. The hour may include discussion, brainstorming, writing together from prompts, or other projects; that is, whatever it is we determine you need.
  • Follow-up session with manuscript review - $100
Still 60 minutes, scheduled any time after you've completed the visioning session. The hour may include any of the items mentioned in the basic session, plus I will read and provide typed comments on 2,500 words of your prose or up to five poems, submitted 1-2 weeks ahead of time.


  • All sessions can be handled in-person at my home office, over the phone, via email or through the same secure on-line meeting software I use for Cloud Writers workshops to meet your schedule, preferences and geographic constraints.
  • Payment via PayPal due at or before the session. 
  • Writing submitted for my review must be in manuscript format: typed and double-spaced for prose,  double-spaced for children's poems, single-spaced for other poetry) and emailed to me at least one week in advance of our meeting.
  • 24-hour notice for cancellation or re-booking, please.

    Leave your name, email and request in the comments section. Your information will be forwarded to me automatically and not appear on this web site. I will get back with you privately.

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