"Susan edited a manuscript I was preparing as text for an audio-book. Her feedback was crucial to the finished product, which received a national award. I'll be grateful to her for life and cannot recommend her highly enough."

I've worked as a newspaper reporter, English and journalism instructor, business communicator, freelance writer, editor and graphic designer. I received an A+ for spelling throughout grade school, and I know all the correct uses of commas and semi-colons. I even pride myself on the collection of grammar handbooks, stylebooks and other reference texts in my library!

Hence, you should hire me to clean up your work.

I'm speedy and thorough, and I can help you and your manscript make a better impression, whether you plan to send it to established journals and publishers or to self-publish (in which case, your readers will be over-joyed you hired me).

You choose the degree of editing you want me to do. If it's just copyediting--clean-up of typos, grammar, usage and spelling--that's fine. Or, I can note places I thought were confusing and needed work, or even suggest changes in content or structure. It's up to you how much time you want me to invest and what kind of feedback you want.


  • Editing is billed at $50 an hour. But don't let that scare you; I can get a lot accomplished in an hour! After I see the manuscript, we can discuss the project and I'll give you an estimate of cost and completion. Half of payment, based on the estimate, is due up-front for editing to begin. The balance, based on actual time investment is due at completion. You will be invoiced each time.
  • Manuscripts must be shared via email as a double-spaced, Microsoft Word attachment in established manuscript format. Editing will be done within the manuscript in edit mode so you can see recommended changes and choose to accept into your master document or ignore.
  • If it looks as if we'll exceed the estimate by more than 10 percent, you'll receive a mid-project notice. If the job doesn't take as long as predicted, you don't pay for time not used.
  • Your edited manuscript will be returned to you via email as soon as final payment is received.
  • Invoices will include a PayPal link. 

If you're interested in a FREE ESTIMATE, please leave your name and email in the comments field, and I'll be in touch. (I will not post any of your personal info.)

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